Why We Support Chris Pappas for Congress

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At a time when our politics has reached a partisan fever pitch, we believe that Chris Pappas is the right leader at the right time for New Hampshire’s First Congressional District. Chris transcends divisions himself -- as a small business owner, a native son of New Hampshire, and the highest elected openly gay official in New Hampshire, Chris is a proven leader who has brought people together to find solutions to the issues facing Granite Staters.

As a longtime public servant, and as an employer, Chris is a proven feminist with a record of fighting for the wide range of issues that matter to us and many of you.

As an owner of one of the largest family-owned restaurants in New Hampshire, Chris understands how important it is to invest in your workforce and provide good wages and benefits. The Puritan Backroom, run by Chris and his family, offered health insurance to employees long before it was mandated by the federal government. They also offer a set of benefits that give employees the support and flexibility they deserve, because Chris believes nobody should have to choose between paying the bills and caring for themselves and their families. Thanks to Chris's leadership, the Puritan is setting an important example in an industry where these policies are not the norm.

Chris first ran for the Executive Council because five Republican Councilors - all men - defunded Planned Parenthood in New Hampshire. Once elected, he worked to restore that funding, protecting access to health care for women, men, and families across the state. He also provided the pivotal vote on the Council to begin implementing the state’s Medicaid expansion program which insures more than 50,000 people.

Chris speaks out about important common sense gun reform including his support for saving lives by implementing universal background checks, banning bump stocks and high capacity magazines, and reinstating the assault weapons ban. As a member of the New Hampshire legislature, Chris fought against attempts to loosen gun permit requirements and give gun makers legal immunity. As an Executive Councilor, he won funding for law enforcement aimed at reducing gang activity and removing illegal guns from our streets.  

As an openly gay official in New Hampshire, Chris has always been a champion of inclusion and empowerment for everyone. He is a strong supporter of equal opportunity before the law and of making sure everyone has the ability to participate in our economy.

 Chris’s record of results reflects a moral compass, not a political one. Chris doesn’t just talk the talk -- he walks the walk. He’s been consistently pro-choice, believes that health care should be a right and not a privilege, and is a progressive small business owner. Chris has stood up for equal rights and for common sense gun reform, all while representing a district that has voted mainly for Republicans year after year.

 We’re with Chris because Chris is with us. Here in New Hampshire (and across the country), women’s issues are everyone’s issues. Chris Pappas gets this, and he is working hard to earn the support of each and every voter based on what matters to them and their families. We know that Chris shares our values. That’s why we’re voting for him on September 11th and committed to reaching out to women and families through a letter-writing campaign and gatherings in communities across New Hampshire’s First District.

We hope you will join us in electing Chris Pappas to Congress.


Wendy Abbott, Milton

Susan Arnold, Strafford

Amy Bradley, Manchester

Nancy Brethauer, Bedford

Mary Jo Brown, Portsmouth

Mary Collins, Wolfeboro

Patty Cornell, Manchester

Susan Dean-Olson, Wolfeboro

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