Students Meet with Chris Pappas to Talk about Gun Reform

MANCHESTER - Ahead of planned protests this afternoon on the anniversary of the Columbine shooting, Chris Pappas hosted a listening session with local Manchester students to discuss school safety and common sense gun reform. Chris Pappas was the first candidate in New Hampshire’s First Congressional District to receive a Candidate Distinction from Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

Arway Chol, a sophomore at Central High School, told Chris, “I want to see laws passed. People shouldn’t have machine guns.  Nobody would be able to stab 17 people and get away with it; it’s the guns that are killing people. We need to be serious about background checks; there shouldn’t be loopholes. The numbers of mass shootings are way lower in countries with gun laws.” She then asked Pappas, “If you win and you go to Washington, what are you going to do to help us?”

Chris promised to stand up for the students and for common sense gun reforms. “I support banning assault rifles, high capacity magazines, and bump stocks,” Chris said. “We need universal background checks; we need to raise the age that someone can purchase a firearm. And we need to change the minds of members of Congress to make sure that these laws get through.”

Davida Taluva, a sophomore at Central High School, talked about how gun violence has affected her family and the connections between racism and gun violence. “My grandmother doesn’t pray at mosque like she used to because she’s scared. It shouldn’t be like that,” Taluva said.

Students agreed with Pappas that the time has come to reinstate the assault weapons ban. “In every single mass shooting, that same gun is used. You’d think they’d take note of that and do something,” said Noah Chretien, a junior at West High School..

As a member of the NH legislature, Chris fought against attempts to weaken permit requirements and opposed giving gun makers legal immunity. As an Executive Councilor, Chris advocated for funding for law enforcement to keep our streets safe by targeting illegal guns and gang activity.

Read more on Chris’s stances and record on common sense gun reform here:

Born and raised in Manchester, Chris Pappas and his family own the Puritan Backroom restaurant where he co-manages the restaurant's day-to-day business and 230 plus employees. Since 2013, Chris has represented District 4 on the New Hampshire Executive Council, which spans 19 communities in Hillsborough, Merrimack, Rockingham, and Strafford counties. Chris is running for Congress in New Hampshire’s First District. Currently, he is in the midst of his “80 Ways to Meet Chris in 80 Days” tour, making 80 campaign stops across the district to hear from voters about what they care about and the challenges they face.

He has earned the support of Senator Maggie Hassan, National Education Association - New Hampshire, Granite State Teamsters Local 633, IBEW Local 2320, IBEW Local 490, IATSE Local 195, and Manchester Police Patrolman’s Association. Chris has also earned the support of numerous current and former legislators along with community leaders across the district. To learn more, visit