Getting Money out of Politics

The corrosive influence of money in politics has allowed our politicians to put corporate special interests ahead of the interests of the people they represent. Americans know that the corrosive influence of money in politics is the reason their elected leaders have strayed from serving them, leaving our most urgent issues unaddressed. It’s time our politicians get back to work fighting for access to affordable health care and lower drug prices, more investment in workforce development, reforming our broken immigration system – and stop working for their big outside donors.

My plan to get money out of politics is based on 6 basic principles:

  1. Keep it local
  2. Demand disclosure
  3. Close loopholes
  4. Incentivize small-dollar donations
  5. Protect America against the influence of foreign money
  6. End Citizens United

Homegrown Campaign Pledge

This seat is not for sale, and neither are voters. Granite Staters need a guarantee that their Representatives in Washington are looking out for their constituents and not just for themselves.

That's why I'm proposing a plan to get money out of politics that is driven by a simple idea: if you want to represent New Hampshire, a majority of your contributors should be from the Granite State.

Holding our elected leaders accountable to their constituents should start with holding them accountable for how they get elected in the first place. This proposal would ensure that every candidate's campaign is driven by the people in their state -- not by their own outside interests or ambitions.

I am calling on my fellow Democrats in the race for the First District to join me in this common sense pledge to have a majority of their donors be from New Hampshire.

Disclosure & Transparency

In Congress, I will support legislation to demand disclosure and full transparency for any donations made by publicly traded companies, dark money groups, and social welfare organizations. Americans deserve to know how their elected leaders are funding their campaigns. The best weapon citizens have for ensuring accountability is information, but in our current system, big money interests that are not looking out for the average American have free reign to pour unlimited money into our elections.

Close Loopholes

Corporate special interests have the resources and incentives to find loopholes in our system and exploit our politicians, hurting average Americans in the process. That's why, as a Member of Congress, I will support legislation to prevent those who are currently prohibited from contributing to political campaigns from utilizing loopholes that allow them to contribute through PACs.

Encourage Small-Dollar Donations

When big corporate special interests throw billions of dollars into our political system, they drown out the voices of average American.  We need to help citizens take back control of our elections by uniting the rest of us. When elected, I will support Representative John Sarbanes's 'Government by the People' Act to incentivize small dollar donations. Banding together is the only way we can effectively curb the influence of big, dark money in a broken campaign finance system.

End Foreign Donations

Recent reports have revealed that members of the Trump orbit likely requested money from the foreign governments of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar in exchange for promises of future U.S. government actions. Our elected leaders should be looking out for Americans, not foreign interests. When I am elected, I will support the Get Foreign Money out of U.S. Elections Act to expand the ban on foreign money in our political system to include all foreign-owned and controlled domestic organizations.

End Citizens United

The Citizens United decision was a gross misreading of the First Amendment right to free speech, treating corporations as people for the sake of political spending. Unfettered corporate spending has corroded our political institutions; violated the fundamental principle of one-person, one-vote; redefined our political conversations; and discouraged honest, decent candidates from throwing their hats into the ring.

As a Member of Congress, I will co-sponsor a Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United and mitigate the corrosive influence other decisions have had on our politics, such as Buckley v. Valeo and McCutcheon v. FEC.