As a lifelong New Hampshire resident, proven progressive, and public servant with a record of winning tough fights, Chris Pappas knows how to make progress on the issues that matter most to Granite State families.

He’s ready to fight for us in Washington. Too many New Hampshire families are being left behind because Congress is tilted in favor of the special interests and big corporations. Chris will restore decency and integrity, stand up to Donald Trump, and always do what’s best for the people of New Hampshire.



Chris supports universal health care and will work to ensure everyone has quality, affordable health care coverage. The Affordable Care Act was a significant step forward, and we must stop Republican attempts to sabotage it and repeal it outright.

As a member of the Executive Council, Chris worked with then-Governor Maggie Hassan and provided the pivotal vote to implement the state’s Medicaid expansion program which now insures more than 53,000 Granite Staters. As a business owner, he provided health insurance to his employees long before it was required by the ACA because it’s the right thing to do. Chris will oppose efforts to play politics with Americans’ health care and will look for opportunities to improve access, lower costs, and make coverage universal. In Congress, Chris will:

  • Stop the Trump Administration's efforts to roll back protections for people with pre-existing conditions, which amounts to half of New Hampshire's adult population

  • Take on Donald Trump and Washington insiders who want to repeal the ACA and in turn kick millions of people off their health insurance; raise premiums; and hurt families, women, men, seniors, and individuals with disabilities

  • Support legislation that allows Americans and businesses to opt into the Medicare system for their health care coverage

  • Support a public option for health care exchanges

  • Lower the cost of prescription drugs by supporting efforts to end special tax breaks for pharmaceutical companies, allow Americans to purchase low-cost prescription drugs from Canada, increase drug pricing transparency, and allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices

  • Support funding for New Hampshire’s community health centers



Chris ran for Executive Council after the Republicans defunded Planned Parenthood. After his election to the Executive Council in 2012, he led the successful fight to reverse that decision and fund family planning services and cancer screenings for more than 13,000 women and men in New Hampshire.

As a member of the New Hampshire House, Chris earned a 100% pro-choice voting record and opposed legislation that would have interfered with a woman’s fundamental right to control her own body. In Congress, Chris will:

  • Oppose attempts to restrict women’s access to reproductive health services

  • Stand up to partisan attempts to limit funding for women's health centers through Title X rule changes which would impose a domestic gag rule

  • Support efforts to prevent businesses from denying women access to contraception coverage in their health plans

  • Support the repeal of the Global Gag Rule so that organizations can provide family planning services to women around the world



Strong public schools are the foundation of our society, democracy, and economy. Chris is proud of the education he received in the Manchester school system and wants to expand educational opportunities from pre-K through the post-secondary level.

New Hampshire students have one of highest burdens of student loan debt as the cost of college continues to skyrocket. Parents working to put their kids through college or students paying their own way should not be saddled with unbearable debt.

Chris will work to make college more affordable and ensure it is within reach of each and every student, regardless of their zip code or family income. In Congress, Chris will:

  • Support tuition-free education at community colleges and public universities which will unleash the potential of every student, help rebuild the middle class, and stimulate our economy

  • Support universal pre-K to help close the opportunity gap that exists for too many New Hampshire families

  • Stand up to Betsy DeVos and those who wish to siphon money from our public schools and give it to private and religious schools

  • Support efforts to lower student loan interest rates and expand Pell grants

  • Support the expansion of job training, career and technical education, and apprenticeship programs to meet our nation’s current and emerging workforce challenges

  • Prevent Betsy DeVos's Department of Education from using federal education funds to arm teachers with weapons



Chris believes we need an economy that works for everyone, not just the super rich or those who can hire DC lobbyists. Too many individuals are being shut out of the economy, and the middle class is being undermined by politicians in Washington who push policies that hurt their interests.

As an employer, Chris has seen first-hand the importance in investing in the workforce and providing good wages and benefits. The Puritan Backroom restaurant has provided health care coverage for decades and offers paid time off to employees. Chris will always fight for policies that respect and empower workers and allow them to achieve their full economic potential.

New Hampshire’s economy is driven by small businesses —  over 96% of our employers are small businesses. Chris understands firsthand what it’s like to meet payroll and the importance of providing the best customer experience possible to keep folks coming back through the doors. He will fight to ensure that our small businesses have what they need to succeed. In Congress, Chris will:

  • Decrease the cost of college, enhance student loan programs, and lower student loan interest rates so that no family is crippled by debt in order to pay for a good education and the opportunities that come from it

  • Enhance career and technical education programs and job training opportunities to give workers of all ages the skills they need to compete in our economy

  • Implement paid family leave because no one should be forced to make the choice between taking care of themselves or a sick loved one and losing out on wages

  • Expand availability of affordable housing so that New Hampshire can retain young workers, allow individuals to live in the community where they work, and support business growth

  • Increase the federal minimum wage; it’s been a decade since the last increase, and we should be rewarding hard work. New Hampshire is losing out on qualified workers to neighboring states because our pay scale has not kept up with the cost of living

  • Protect the rights of workers to organize and collectively bargain with employers and support the Employee Free Choice Act

  • Stop efforts to privatize Social Security and Medicare and work to strengthen these programs that are essential to the health and well-being of current and future retirees

  • Fight to preserve and improve the Affordable Care Act

  • Work to cut unnecessary red tape, expand access to credit, and bolster exporting opportunities

  • Reinstate Net Neutrality

Job Training

Workers can earn a good living and have a successful career without going to college, especially given the high cost of tuition at four year institutions. That’s why we need to invest in career and technical education programs to give workers of all ages the skills they need to compete in our economy. A larger investment in job training and apprenticeship programs is crucial to aligning the skills of our workforce with the needs of our economy.

I know from more than three decades in the restaurant business that there is a sense of pride and honor that comes with putting in a hard day’s work. We must ensure people who work hard can get ahead and stay ahead in our economy, and that starts with quality education and job training.

As an Executive Councilor, I was proud to work across party lines to support investments in New Hampshire’s Job Training Fund which has already trained and retrained more than 10,000 Granite State workers.

I’ll do the same in Congress by investing in programs that are proven and relevant to the opportunities that exist. We must continue to develop pipelines into the workforce and match workers with specific opportunities at New Hampshire companies. Whether it’s a career in the trades, health care, advanced manufacturing, or green energy, there are so many paths of opportunity available to skilled workers right here.



New Hampshire’s way of life and economy is rooted in our coastline, lakes, mountains, forests, and natural surroundings. We should all work to leave our environment better than we found it; that means promoting clean energy, supporting environmental protection, and confronting the existential threat of climate change head-on.

Chris is a staunch supporter of developing New Hampshire's renewable energy portfolio. On the Executive Council, he worked to secure investments for solar, wind, biomass, hydro, and geothermal projects across New Hampshire. As renewable energy technology improves and New Hampshire attracts more jobs in solar, Chris knows we must maintain incentives and tax credits to nurture the clean energy revolution that is underway.

Climate change is not only real, it is an existential threat to the future of our planet, and we must take bold action to prevent its economic and environmental impacts here and around the globe. As the Trump Administration implements policies that desecrate our environment, open spaces, air, and coastlines, we must forcefully resist. President Trump's decision to pull us out of the Paris Climate Agreement is a dangerous step that takes us backwards in our fight to curb emissions; his decision to end the Clean Power Plan undermines strategies that reduce emissions and harms air quality in New Hampshire. Proposals to allow private companies to drill for oil off the coast of New Hampshire are equally reckless and irresponsible.

As the Environmental Protection Agency is now run by an agent of the fossil fuel industry, it's more important than ever for Congress to step up its oversight and hold the administration accountable. Chris will work to prevent lasting environmental damage from the Trump presidency and help put our country back on the path of protection and conservation.

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Chris believes we need to get big money out of politics and restore decency and integrity in Washington by putting power back in the hands of the people. Chris has pledged not to accept corporate PAC money.

Chris's comprehensive plan to "Get Big Money Out Of Politics" and curb its corrupting influence on Congress includes support for:

  • Demanding disclosure and transparency by expanding the rules for publicly traded companies, dark money groups, and social welfare organizations

  • Closing loopholes that currently prohibit some actors from contributing to political campaigns but allow them to contribute to PACs

  • Supporting Representative John Sarbanes's 'Government by the People' Act to incentivize small dollar donations

  • Backing the Get Foreign Money Out of U.S. Elections Act legislation to expand the ban on foreign money in our political system to include all foreign-owned-and-controlled domestic organizations

  • Co-sponsoring a Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United



There is no more urgent issue in New Hampshire than the opioid crisis which claimed 466 lives in 2017 and cuts across geographic and demographic lines. There are years of work ahead to end this crisis that has hit the Granite State harder than almost any other state.

As a member of the Executive Council, Chris helped implement Medicaid Expansion which provides addiction treatment services to thousands of our friends, neighbors, and family members. He fought for increased funding for treatment, prevention, and recovery. He also supported Operation Granite Hammer which gives law enforcement the tools it needs to disrupt trafficking, take drugs off the streets, and keep our communities safe.  As a member of Congress, Chris is ready to continue these fights and work in a bipartisan fashion to support our state’s efforts to combat this crisis. In Congress, Chris will:

  • Support more resources for our fragile network of treatment and recovery programs

  • Ensure federal funding formulas do not disadvantage New Hampshire

  • Increase funding for prevention and education programs

  • Support law enforcement efforts by giving them the tools they need to keep our streets safe and disrupt the distribution and sale of opioids

  • Encourage states to better measure outcomes to demonstrate the effectiveness of programs

  • Oppose the repeal of the ACA which would jeopardize substance use disorder coverage for more than 50,000 Granite Staters



Both of Chris’s grandfathers served as military pilots during WWII, and when they returned home they knew their country had their back.  Many of today’s returning veterans don’t feel this same commitment; they come home to face a litany of health issues, and their needs are not being met. Chris will fight for a full service veterans hospital for New Hampshire, and he will work hard to ensure that our veterans receive the quality care they need in their own communities. In Congress, Chris will:

  • Fight efforts to privatize the VA

  • Hold VA leadership accountable and work to implement recommendations to streamline bureaucracy and increase access to care

  • Fight for a full service VA facility in New Hampshire while developing better community-based care for veterans

  • Work to make the Veterans Choice program permanent and attract more providers to participate

Chris visiting his great-grandfather's home village in Greece

Chris visiting his great-grandfather's home village in Greece



Chris’s great-grandfather came to the United States from the tiny Greek hilltop town of Livadi, Elassona in 1906 to start a better life for his family. We are a nation of immigrants, and Chris believes we need a comprehensive, bipartisan immigration strategy that stays true to our history and American values. In Congress, Chris will:

  • Support citizenship for Dreamers who know no other country than the United States

  • Support comprehensive immigration reform that allows people to come out of the shadows and enter a pathway to citizenship

  • Expand availability of H-2B visas for seasonal workers who are an integral part of New Hampshire’s agricultural and tourism industries

  • Embrace New Hampshire’s refugee communities and support funding for language skills and job training programs

  • Stand up against the Trump Administration’s efforts to end Temporary Protected Status for residents from dangerous parts of the globe


common sense gun safety measures 

We have seen nothing but inaction from Congress in the wake of senseless acts of gun violence across the country, and that must change. Gun violence claimed 36,000 American lives in 2017, and we must take action to curb this violence.

Chris believes we can take steps to save lives and keep our communities safe while maintaining the culture of hunting and responsible gun ownership here in New Hampshire. There is no need to choose between preserving that tradition and passing commonsense gun safety measures that will allow us to live without fear of tragic gun violence.

Chris is working to lift up the voices of young people who are active around gun violence issues. He has been designated as a Mom’s Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate and endorsed by the Gabby Giffords PAC: Courage to Fight Gun Violence as well as Pride Fund to End Gun Violence . In Congress, Chris will:

  • Support universal background checks for all gun purchases

  • Support a ban on the sale of assault weapons including the AR-15

  • Support a ban on the sale of bump stocks and high capacity magazines

  • Support a red flag law that would allow family members and the justice system to intervene and prevent someone from doing harm to themselves or others



As the highest ranking LGBTQ elected official in New Hampshire and, if elected, our first openly gay member of Congress, Chris will always stand up for equal rights for all Americans. Every gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer teenager in America should be able to dream big with the knowledge nobody can hold them back because of who they are or who they love.  

Organizations such as Planned Parenthood and the Equality Health Center provide the LGBTQ community with affordable, non-judgmental health services. In 2017, Chris successfully fought for additional funds for these organizations to provide STI counseling and testing, but more work is needed to provide services and ensure every LGBTQ American can live a full, open life.  In Congress, Chris will:

  • Support passage of the Equality Act, federal legislation that prohibits discrimination against LGBTQ individuals in employment, housing, and public accommodations in every corner of the United States

  • Stand up to the Trump Administration’s endless attacks on the transgender community

  • Support legislation to require anti-harassment policies on college campuses

  • Work to ban the dangerous practice of so-called conversion therapy for LGBTQ individuals

  • Fight to preserve and improve the Affordable Care Act

  • Fight back against the Trump Administration's denial of visas for same-sex partners of diplomats and UN officials amidst a larger attempt to roll back LGBTQ+ progress in America



The status of roads, bridges, airports, and railways is critical to economic development and public safety. Chris will always champion efforts to build an intermodal system of transportation that serves the needs of the people and businesses of New Hampshire. Chris helped write the state’s past three long-term transportation plans. He strongly advocated for the expansion of I-93 and  increased investments in paving and bridge repair as well as the expansion of passenger rail from the Manchester area to Boston.

New Hampshire has diverse transportation needs but receives the least amount of federal highway aid of any state in the country. Chris knows we need leadership in Washington that will help us modernize our infrastructure and improve our state’s public safety and quality of life.


foreign policy

In an increasingly dangerous world, the United States must work with our allies to promote stability and peace. President Trump has made us less safe by alienating our friends around the world, cozying up to Russia, and conducting an erratic foreign policy that relies on bombast and saber rattling instead of diplomacy.

Congress must provide a check and balance on the Trump Administration and assert its role in shaping U.S. foreign policy and the use of military force. Chris believes we must strengthen our traditional alliances and demand that the State Department be rebuilt in a way that restores American diplomacy on the world stage. He knows that military force should always be used as a last resort and believes the administration must be required to seek authorization from Congress for further military incursions in the Middle East.