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I believe that we cannot accept violence in our communities as normal, nor can we accept any notion that we are powerless to stop it. It’s unconscionable that we can look back and remember Columbine, Sandy Hook, Orlando, Las Vegas, Parkland,  and countless other tragedies, yet we cannot point to a single smart gun safety measure that Congress has passed in the wake of these horrific events. We must stand with the courageous students in Florida, Illinois, here in New Hampshire, and across the country who are organizing to ensure another community doesn’t experience such a senseless tragedy in the future.

There are critical steps we can take to curtail the more than 38,000 gun deaths that occur in our country each year, and here’s where we should start:  

  • Institute background checks for all gun sales

  • Create a federal tracking system for attempted purchases by anyone prohibited from buying a weapon

  • Prohibit all conversion devices, including bump stocks, which transform semi-automatic weapons into fully-automatic weapons

  • Establish Federal Red Flag laws, which allow family members or law enforcement to seek a court order to temporarily restrict people's access to firearms when they show "red flags" that they are a danger to themselves or others

  • Ban the sale of high capacity magazines

  • Close “boyfriend loophole,” which allows people convicted of domestic violence to continue to own firearms in certain situations

  • Reinstate the Assault Weapons Ban to keep weapons of war off our streets

  • Close “Charleston loophole,” which allows people to purchase firearms if their background checks are not completed in three days


My Record

As a member of the NH legislature, I fought against attempts to pass open carry and opposed legislation to give gun makers legal immunity.

I voted against passage of a 2006 ‘Stand Your Ground’ law.

[SB 318-FN Bill Text, 4/26/2006]

[SB 318-FN Roll Call, 4/26/2006]

I voted against granting gun manufacturers blanket immunity from accountability.

[HB 811 Bill Text, 3/25/2003]

[HB 811 Roll Call, 3/25/2003]

I voted against loosening restrictions for citizens carrying concealed firearms.

[SB 454-FN Bill Text, 4/29/2004]

[SB 454-FN Roll Call, 4/29/2004]

As an Executive Councilor, I fought to increase funding for law enforcement so they have the resources to target illegal guns and curb gang activity in order to keep our streets safe.

I voted to fund Project Safe Neighborhood with a contract that would provide law enforcement with the resources needed to combat gang activity, prolific gun offenders, and straw-purchasers.

[G&C Agenda Item #17 from 1/14/15]

I have lived my entire life in a state known for its culture of hunting and responsible gun ownership. There is no need to choose between preserving that tradition and passing common sense gun safety measures that will allow us to live without fear of tragic gun violence. We can and must do both.