An Economy That Works For Everyone


Chris believes we need an economy that works for everyone, not just the super rich or those who can hire DC lobbyists. Too many individuals are being shut out of the economy, and the middle class is being undermined by politicians in Washington who push policies that hurt their interests.

As an employer, Chris has seen first-hand the importance in investing in the workforce and providing good wages and benefits. The Puritan Backroom restaurant has provided health care coverage for decades and offers paid time off to employees. Chris will always fight for policies that respect and empower workers and allow them to achieve their full economic potential.

New Hampshire’s economy is driven by small businesses —  over 96% of our employers are small businesses. Chris understands first-hand what it’s like to meet payroll and the importance of providing the best customer experience possible to keep folks coming back through the doors. He will fight to ensure that our small businesses have what they need to succeed. In Congress, Chris will:

  • Decrease the cost of college, enhance student loan programs, and lower student loan interest rates so that no family is crippled by debt in order to pay for a good education and the opportunities that come from it

  • Enhance career and technical education programs and job training opportunities to give workers of all ages the skills they need to compete in our economy

  • Implement paid family leave because nobody should be forced to make the impossible choice between taking care of themselves or a sick loved one and losing out on wages

  • Expand availability of affordable housing so that New Hampshire can retain young workers, allow individuals to live in the community where they work, and support business growth

  • Increase the federal minimum wage; it’s been a decade since the last increase, and we should be rewarding hard work. New Hampshire is losing out on qualified workers to neighboring states because our pay scale has not kept up with the cost of living

  • Protect the rights of workers to organize and collectively bargain with employers and support the Employee Free Choice Act

  • Stop efforts to privatize Social Security and Medicare and work to strengthen these programs that are essential to the health and well-being of current and future retirees

  • Fight to preserve and improve the Affordable Care Act

  • Work to cut unnecessary red tape, expand access to credit, and bolster exporting opportunities

  • Reinstate Net Neutrality


Job Training

Workers can earn a good living and have a successful career without going to college, especially given the high cost of tuition at four year institutions. That’s why we need to invest in career and technical education programs to give workers of all ages the skills they need to compete in our economy. A larger investment in job training and apprenticeship programs is crucial to aligning the skills of our workforce with the needs of our economy.

I know from more than three decades in the restaurant business that there is a sense of pride and honor that comes with putting in a hard day’s work. We must ensure people who work hard can get ahead and stay ahead in our economy, and that starts with quality education and job training.

As an Executive Councilor, I was proud to work across party lines to support investments in New Hampshire’s Job Training Fund which has already trained and retrained more than 10,000 Granite State workers.

I’ll do the same in Congress by investing in programs that are proven and relevant to the opportunities that exist. We must continue to develop pipelines into the workforce and match workers with specific opportunities at New Hampshire companies. Whether it’s a career in the trades, health care, advanced manufacturing, or green energy, there are many paths of opportunity available to skilled workers right here.